Chapter 31

Grass twigs leaves leaves Hive of bumblebees bees Athadius turned her back on Jade and kept on walking towards their destination.  And they call me a ‘one man army’!  What about the girl who goes off all by herself into an unknown building? Athadius thought. Birch tree tall tall Brumble bush small small Child girl… Continue reading Chapter 31


Chapter 30

If Gwen said one more thing about food, Jade was going to burn the pigtails off of her head. Jade would be the first one that Alya took downstairs, but before then she had a serious question. “Hey,” Jade poked Athadius’ side. The silent wind-warrior gazed down at the girl who was nearly half her… Continue reading Chapter 30

Chapter 27

“Aye,” said Old Sawyer, slamming his jug down on the table. “That’s what ‘appened. ‘eard it with me own ears!” Palmer leaned forward, along with the many other men, young and old. “E’ery lit-le bit then?” he asked. Old Sawyer nodded self-importantly. “Aye,” he said again, welcoming the unusual attention. “All five of ‘em, dancin’… Continue reading Chapter 27