Chapter 38

Lynn had to admit, she felt much less afraid now that the wolves were with them. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel safe with the other four girls… Well, actually, maybe it was that. What with Athadius’ eagerness to fight, Jade’s disregard for danger, Alya’s crazy schemes, and Gwen’s spontaneity, Lynn was just waiting for… Continue reading Chapter 38


Chapter 37

No one else would have picked up in the obvious fear in Athadius’ voice and how it quivered like that every time she was scared, but Gwen saw it. Athadius was good at hiding her emotions, but Gwen was getting better and better at reading them… even ones people try their hardest to hide. Everyone… Continue reading Chapter 37

Chapter 36

Alya jumped. Gwen’s uncanny ability to read the other girls’ minds was still quite unsettling. “Dangerous, crazy, most likely to result in death…” Gwen laughed hysterically. “I like it.” Jade was rubbing her hands together in anticipation. She grinned and cocked her head at Alya. “Me too!” she paused, cocking her head to one side.… Continue reading Chapter 36

Chapter 32

“Princess Lairelithoniel?” Lairelithoniel started and looked up from her book. A young servant girl was timidly holding out a small, folded piece of paper. “I was told to give you this. I’m to wait for an answer.” She bobbed a curtsy and stepped back as Lairelithoniel took the message. Your highness, it read, I have… Continue reading Chapter 32